Bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment,
foreclosures and wage garnishments, and
it can eliminate credit card and other debts.

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Debt Relief

We can help you deal with issues related to your finances and may be able to reorganize your debts.

Lower Payments

You may be able to lower your payments through chapter 13.

Property protection

Bankruptcy may allow you to keep your property by stopping foreclosures and repossessions and arranging a payment plan on terms you can afford.

Stop Harassment

We can stop creditors from harassing you, foreclosing on your property and/or garnishing your wages.

About us

Nearly 30 years of experience.

Castil Williams has nearly 30 years of experience in the practice of law, with a concentration in business and personal bankruptcy. Mr. Williams has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

  • Bankruptcy can allow you to keep your property.
  • Lower your monthly payments.
  • Organize a payment plan you can afford.
  • Stop harassment and foreclosures.
  • Stop garnishments, repossessions and lawsuits.
  • Get a fresh start.